The World is in Dire Need of Unconventional Thinkers

Conventional thinking has created enormous problems and issues that only unconventional thinking will be able to address.

Discover how to absolutely flourish as an unconventional thinker in life, business, and relationships in "Cracking the Flourishing Code".

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  • Step away from conventional community consciousness to become a confident outlier
  • Debunk the so-called wisdom of conventional beliefs about career and business
  • Create a healthy eco-system of support
  • Build a flourishing mindset
  • Uncover your unique gifts for career success and personal fulfillment

"Feel like a round peg trying to fit into a square world? Maybe it's time to quit trying to fit in.  Pat's book defines what it really means to FLOURISH.  And how to flourish and reach your true potential, so you can design your life with your own measures of sucess and unique expression.  What a breath of fresh air!"

- Michelle Price, Founder, National Association of Women Solopreneurs

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